Wedding Celebration Ceremony

Having a Celebrant conduct your wedding celebration ceremony means it can be exactly the way you want it to be. You can write your own vows, have religious content if you wish to, have the songs/hymns that you really like and include your loved ones in the ceremony by having symbolic elements such as lighting a unity candle together or hand-fasting.

Commitment Ceremony Rings

If you want it to, this can look just like a wedding, with a wedding gown and rings, and hundreds of guests — but no marriage licence. Or, it can be the most alternative event, whatever you decide it will be a ceremony to recognise your relationship, by making a public declaration, and to celebrate with your family and friends, a special day for you to look back on each year to remember.

Renew Your Vows

Vow renewal is as individual as you are, and you create the ceremony to match your individuality. This ceremony is for any married couple who want to celebrate or renew their marriage vows in a unique and personal ceremony that says just what you want it to. Often you may want to celebrate a special wedding anniversary, such as the twenty-fifth or even golden, but these ceremonies are just as appropriate at any stage of your marriage.

Naming Ceremony

This ceremony is very special to welcome your child into your family that reflects who you both are and your family values  You are able to have Supporting Adults (God-Parents) and, if you so wish, you can include religious content, readings or symbolic actions.  It gives your family and friends the opportunity to celebrate and share in the joy of the arrival of your little one.